About Us

Dr. Allen Massihi & Staff

Allen Massihi, DPM is a graduate of California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco, CA. He is also a foot and ankle surgeon and completed his residency at Brea Community Hospital in Orange County in 2001. Dr. Massihi is a staff at Glendale Adventist hospital and multiple surgical centers, both inpatient and outpatient.

He is a dedicated and caring professional who’s private practice in Glendale has made him known in his community. He furthermore has had multiple live TV shows monthly to educate everyone about various foot conditions.

As it is widely known, various knee and back pain can originate from postural abnormalities & or the way an individual ambulates. By observing one’s gait, many conditions can be diagnosed & in turn solved. Dr. Massihi treats the patient as a whole, allowing a more thorough evaluation.

Dr. Massihi’s office staff is trained to provide patients with the greatest service and satisfaction. With a smile on their faces, they are ready to serve their community to their utmost capability.

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